The exhibition City on paper displays wonderful drawings of twentieth century Utrecht. Are beautiful images of Utrecht what you want to see? And do you want to trace in colourful pictures the development of Utrecht into a modern city? The exhibition City on paper shows Utrecht through the eyes of twentieth century artists. Using chalk, paint, charcoal, pencil or pen they each interpreted Utrecht in their own way.

Colourful pictures and special artists

The Utrecht Archive exhibits a unique collection of drawings of twentieth century Utrecht. They show the changes Utrecht underwent during that century, each artist interpreting the city in their own way. The works exhibited include precise topographic city views as well as beautiful impressionistic watercolours.

Original drawings

The drawings show the splendour and vibrancy of a changing Utrecht. Every two months, a continuous series of new drawings will bring the entire Utrecht city into vision, quarter by quarter. 

- ‘From Zuilen to Lombok’ – the north and the west of Utrecht: November 6 to January 8
- ‘Utrecht City Centre’: January 11 to March 12
- ‘From Wittevrouwen to Hoograven’ – the east and the south of Utrecht: March 15 to April 30. 

A book: 'De getekende stad' (City on paper)

Concurrent with the exhibition, the book De getekende stad (City on paper.Utrecht in drawings 1900-2000) by Tolien Wilmer will be published by Utrecht Matrijs publishers, a wonderful volume bringing together some 400 hitherto unpublished drawings of Utrecht. It will be for sale in our museum shop.


The exhibition The City Portrayed was made possible by:
Initiatievenfonds Utrecht, Jaarbeurs Utrecht, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Utrecht, Rabobank Utrecht, Stichting Elise Mathilde Fonds, Stichting K.F. Heinfonds, Stichting Professor van Winter Fonds, Stichting Vrienden van Het Utrechts Archief, Stadsherstel Droste Fonds, Vereniging Oud-Utrecht, Winkel van Sinkel and 127 individual supporters and benefactors.