Did your ancestors originate from the city or the province of Utrecht and are you looking for data for your family tree? Het Utrechts Archief holds a range of resources for you to carry out your family research. Resources can be accessed in our reading rooms, but many personal details and data are already available online. 

Registry of births, deaths and marriages 1811-1960
Data concerning one’s Utrecht ancestors can be found in the registers of births, deaths and marriages (‘burgerlijke stand’) for the years 1811 to 1960. These registers also contain information concerning addresses of residence, the profession of the bridegoom and declarer of a marriage, and the names, ages and professions of witnesses. Note that, due to privacy laws, not all data are publicly available.

Municipal register of the city of Utrecht, 1900-1912
In cases of uncertainty or information gaps concerning Utrecht ancestry, the municipal register (‘bevolkingsregister’) may be helpful. Not only does this register provide addresses of residence, but it also provides information on people and institutions moving when and where. The Utrecht city register for 1900-1912 can be searched online, and those for 1850-1899 and 1913-1936 can be consulted in our reading room.

Registers of baptisms, marriages and funerals 1579-1811
When your research has taken you back to 1811 or earlier, the consultation of entries of baptisms, marriages and funerals in the online collection is the most important further tool, allowing you to regress to as early as 1579.
Each of these sources can be accessed using the direct search entry for persons (‘personen’), which allows searching for more than one individual at the same time. A survey of all Dutch major archives is available at www.archieven.nl. On the website WieWasWie you can search for your ancestors in Dutch birth, marriage and death certificates. The website is available in English.