Het Utrechts Archief keeps some 30 kms of archives and historical sources concerning the city and the province, the oldest of which date back to the ninth century. Moreover, much of our archive is increasingly maintained in the form of scans or some other digital format; our servers currently contain over 3 million files. We employ some fifty staff and eighty volunteers and hosts.

Digital archive management & open data
Communication with and between government bodies is increasingly conducted digitally, affecting methods of sustainable management and conservation of archive material. Het Utrechts Archief is part of a national effort towards the development of a tool of digital archive management: the e-Depot. Robust agreements are required concerning the archiver and his methods, substantial and technical supervision and examination must take place, safety, quality and authenticity guaranteed. Hence the e-Depot implies policy decisions, processes and procedures.

In accordance with government policy, Het Utrechts Archief aims at an open approach to reuse of data. Open data is accessible and reusable for any interested party. Open data allow, for instance, the development of new applications or the execution of largescale statistical analysis. Since 2016 Het Utrechts Archief makes available designated open data sets for anyone’s consultation and use. Current sets of open data comprise registers of baptisms, marriages and funerals, the Utrecht Province Registry Office’s and statements of succession. Further sets will be added in the near future.