Curious about the history of Utrecht? At The Utrecht Archives' all-new Expo, authentic stories take you on a journey through the past of our city and the surrounding region. From the iconic Dom Tower to the beautiful canal wharfs and from heroine Trijn van Leemput to the first edition of the Lowlands music festival, the Expo covers highlights from 2,000 years of Utrecht's history!

Entrance to the exhibition is €2,50 (free for Museumcard). 

 Point of departure

See Utrecht's hist ory come to life: visit the 'Utrecht starts here' exhibition at the fully renovated The Utrecht Archives Expo. As a visitor, you will have the opportunity to see, hear, smell and experience Utrecht's rich history. From the wharf cellars along the central canal to the Dom Tower and from the first cycle lane to the largest station in the Netherlands: 'Utrecht starts here' offers visitors and local residents alike the opportunity to explore two thousand years of Utrecht's history in a new exhibition spread out over four new galleries.

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