Temporary exhibition
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>  Expo - Hamburgerstraat 28
Tue to Sun: 10.00-17.00 hours
€ 2,50,-. Free for children and students.
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Information on the wheelchair accessibility of our building can be found here.

700 years of Dom Tower restoration

For seven centuries, workmen have ventured up the scaffolding, where they considered the latest techniques and the dilemmas of their time. In the Scaffolding! exhibition, we take you on a journey through time along the restorations of the Dom Tower. Discover how craftsmen have ventured up the tower for centuries and see what is happening today on the highest scaffolding in the Netherlands.

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More than 700 years ago, the first stone of the Dom Tower was laid. Since then, the tower has become the symbol of Utrecht. It cannot be taken for granted that such a gigantic medieval structure is still standing. It requires maintenance. This work has allowed the tower to survive wars, fires and storms.

What can you see and do?

> See photos and films of the tower in days gone by.
> Discover how the medieval tower has been maintained and restored in the past seven centuries.
> Let the little ones build their own tower!